Gracie Judo Club

Olympic, Kodokan, and Freestyle Judo




Physical Development

Our students develop strong, healthy bodies through a supervised program of training in Kodokan Judo.


Our students engage in progressive training that leads to participation in local, state and national competition sanctioned by the United States Judo Federation, United States Judo Association and USA Judo.


Applying the principal of “maximum efficiency minimum effort” judo has achieved a worldwide reputation for its effectiveness as a system of self-defense. At Gracie Judo Club our students are taught self-confidence and self-assurance, and we thus avoid the most common reason for fighting—the need to prove oneself.

Character Development

Judo remains the most courteous and respectful sport in existence today. The etiquette of bowing demonstrates and reinforces the judo principal of “mutual respect”. Our students are taught self-control, courtesy and respect for others, with particular emphasis on the value of making good moral choices.

Gracie Judo Club

US Olympian Grace Jividen -Truesdale will share her once in a life time experience from her life-long Judo career through her actions to her staff, students, parents, and friends. She will ensure no students should be benched and develop their best ability in Life ! ” Champion in Life . Gracie Judo Club environment is friendly and family.